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Clean Up

We sell and stock a range of products that will help clean tools, surfaces in a eco friendly way.


BetonBuster Dried Concrete Dissolver is an Eco friendly, specially formulated industrial strength product that will remove Rust, Lime-Scale and Concrete from tools, equipment, and most surfaces. BetonBuster Dried Concrete Dissolver can be used on acid resistant natural stone such as granite, ceramics, porcelain, and acid resistant tiles. Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area for product suitability.


BetonSlide is a chemically safe and effective quick break bond breaker designed to specifically break the bond of concrete and asphalt.

Performance exceeds that of traditional hydrocarbon based solvents.
Designed to use on laser screeds, trowel machines, plant and equipment, vehicles, tools, concrete paving ,workshop floors, and all areas where asphalt/bitumen is used.